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Tent Size Guide

The following estimates will help determine what size canopy tent you would need for your unique event.


Typical Tent sizes:

10’x10′100 Sq. Ft.
20’x20′400 Sq. Ft.
20’x30′600 sq. ft.
20’x40′800 Sq. Ft.
30’x30′900 Sq. Ft.
30’x40′1200 Sq. Ft

General Guide:

An 8'' banquet table seating 875 sq. ft.
A 60" round table seating 8100 sq. ft.
A 72" round table seating 10125 sq. ft.
Cocktails8 sq. ft. per person
Ceremony Seating8 sq. ft. per person
Bridal Party200 sq.ft.
Head Table Seating 4100 sq. ft.
Buffet table100 sq. ft.
DJ200 sq. ft.
Band32 sq. ft. per member

Other Considerations When Planning for a Canopy Tent

  • Tents must be secured to the ground with stakes and straps in most instances. When measuring your planned location, allow at least 8′ perimeter for these stakes and straps.
  • Stakes may be driven to a depth of 36″, so utilities will be marked.  Buried structures (septic tanks, fuel storage, sprinklers) must be disclosed.
  • Tents must be 10 feet from a permanent structure.
  • Overhead objects such as power lines and tree branches must be avoided.

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